"RISK lies at the core of crafts,

risk of failure always accompanies new discovery, new beauty."

new works by David Taylor

Last year, YHBHS had the pleasure of interviewing David Taylor about his work & his design philosophy. He talked about his philosophy as a simple connection to a larger feeling of "if it feels good do it." Something about his words resonated on a deep level, echoing and finding meaning in my own work. It points to a moment when there is clarity in our thoughts, and the decision to move ahead with instinct, as opposed to doubt.

David Taylor's new work will be up in Stockholm this September, and his latest works are a continuation of his personal explorations into form + materials + humor.
- David John

"In his forthcoming exhibition Walk the Walk at Konsthantverkarna in Stockholm, David Taylor presents a cohesive body of work developed by whim and impulse at the workbench. By following a notion, working by ear and improvising with unexpected materials without fuss and undue analysis Taylor gives us an insight into the importance of intuitive knowledge, that “gut feeling” which is often more relevant than we can appreciate.

Walk the Walk is a tightly knit family of objects where Taylor’s signature style has been broadened with materials and techniques rarely seen in his work. Concrete meets silver the precise and timeless encounter the modern and impermanent. This latest edition from Taylor’s workshop is made with a clarity of intention and a conviction in execution, that leaves not doubt the author can not only talk the talk, but knows a thing or two about walking the walk."

- Petter Eklund

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