a store visit with Galerie Half a store visit with Galerie Half

.... the melodies in my mind (2011) Galerie Half is a transcendent place. It is a store that blends American primitive works, with the li...

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10:24 AM

"All beauty that has not a foundation in use, soon grows distasteful, and needs continual replacement with something new . That which ...

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8:36 AM

2011 light will eventually fade into shadow 2012 resume [ri-zoom] verb : to begin again. to take up or go on with again after interrupti...

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4:48 PM

APARTAMENTO # 8   the backyard," an essay by David John text and image by david john. included in Apartamento #8 Huge thank you to the...

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4:42 PM

a store visit with Reform, Los Angeles a store visit with Reform, Los Angeles

.... "There are your good friends and I like them fine. 'Cause they are your past and your present time . But would you even be t...

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10:46 AM

a conversation with Josh Vogel a conversation with Josh Vogel

... "I believe in the beauty of basics & I believe in an essential spirit that transcends both context & material. Right now...

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11:23 AM

Guest Post by Mary Gaudin, photographer Guest Post by Mary Gaudin, photographer

... "The locals call the Unité d'habitation La Maison du Fada - the crazy guy's house . Photos from the early 50s show a huge...

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9:00 AM

to be open, and to have closed. mark hagen vs donald moffett 1. Mark Hagen , new works at Almine Rech in Paris, 2011 2. The first compreh...

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10:29 PM

a conversation with Azadeh Shladovsky a conversation with Azadeh Shladovsky

... "Design is very personal for me, a balance of visceral and intellectual processes . If I am true to myself, then ultimately I kno...

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5:03 PM

new work by David Gilbert December 9 - January 22, 2012. Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery presents the first New York solo show by David...

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9:36 PM

jean royere vs kate bush "The world is so loud. Keep falling . " "Now I am falling. I want you to catch me. Look up and you&...

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9:29 AM

a conversation with APPARATUS a conversation with APPARATUS

.. "We were looking for something that spoke to the dichotomy between complexity and utility . There is something oddly complex abou...

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10:04 AM

ITEM is a project where an object is singled out, obsessively researched, sourced and then held in an exhibition and sold to celebrate it...

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10:26 AM

"What you SEE is what you SEE " the interior designer vs the artist “I wanted work that didn’t involve incredible assumptions abo...

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11:36 PM

"I think in many ways I feel more aligned to the Shakers and other sects in which good, orderly behavior leads to a good life." -T...

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2:03 PM