"I started Matthew Hilton, the company,

because I wanted somewhere I would have complete creative control.

"The company was launched in September 2007 and very soon after, made it's first Licence agreement for manufacturing and distribution of the products with De La Espada. The pieces shown here are the first of a growing number of high-quality products which will be made in relatively small quantities, using hand-skills based manufacturing. I will be regularly adding new products using different techniques and materials.

Matthew Hilton
was born in Hastings in 1957. He graduated with a degree in Furniture Design from Kingston Polytechnic in 1979 when he started to design and manufacture a range of objects using low-tech casting techniques. These were picked up by Paul Smith and Joseph Pour La Maison and sold in their London showrooms. From 1980 to '84 Matthew worked as an industrial designer for the product design company Capa, London. During this time he also designed sets for the renowned fashion designer Koji Tatsuno's company Cultureshock.

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