It Happened at Pomona: Art at the Edge of Los Angeles 1969–1973 "demonstrates the ways in which several groups of artists who were associated with Pomona College between 1969 and 1973 engaged with the art of their time in Southern California and contributed to a transformative moment for art history both in Los Angeles and internationally."

YHBHS is gearing up for Pacific Standard Time exhibitions, that are about to explode in about 60 different venues all over Los Angeles. Anyone excited about California design, Post War Art + Sculpture + Design should have plenty to keep their minds & eyes occupied in the upcoming months. First stop, will be Pomona to check out the latest exhibition, It Happened at Pomona, Part 1: Hal Glicksman at Pomona August 30–November 6, 2011....

"The highlight of this exhibition will be the creation of a new work by Michael Asher in response to his landmark 1970 installation at Pomona College, and the re-creations of seminal installations by Lloyd Hamrol and Tom Eatheron. Asher’s 1970 architectural intervention dramatically altered two of the museum’s adjacent galleries (the South and West Galleries), transforming them into two triangular spaces joined by a narrow opening that severely restricted the flow of light into one space while keeping the other space permanently open to the street outside.

"Like many artists of his generation, Michael Asher took his lead from Minimalism’s theatricality, which was designed to enhance viewers’ perceptual awareness of their role within the exhibition space. Yet where many of Asher’s peers responded by expanding their practice into the more temporal realms of film and performance, Asher focused on the temporal as a condition of the spatial, which aligned his work more specifically with architecture. Overall, Asher’s entire oeuvre has investigated how viewers encounter specific sites, primarily spaces dedicated to the presentation of visual art. As a result, Asher’s work is typically associated with the Conceptual art practice of Institutional Critique". (text taken from here)

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image above, Michael Asher, installation, 1970. Viewing out of gallery toward street from small triangular area, Pomona College Museum of Art. Photograph courtesy of the Frank J. Thomas Archives.



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