a late summer afternoon


931 North Fairfax Avenue, LA (new space)

As the sun was slipping into the sea,

the circles began to appear everywhere, and every how, and every when.

Congrats to Kristin and Shin on the new space for IKO IKO!
Yesterday, afternoon drifted into dusk, at their new space on Fairfax, while I was taking in their new location + new works. Their new space continues their seamless voyage into artist + high craft driven objects.

IKO IKO is the creative home of Kristin Dickson and Shin Okuda's ongoing projects, Rowena Sartin (common structures of clothing design.) + Waka Waka (furniture + sculptural investigations). In addition, the minimally + gorgeously designed space is curated with objects, books, textiles, ceramics from their travels abroad + local meetings. Shin introduced me to his new Waka Waka ladder works (!!!) and told me about some exciting collaborations he is working on....

Stay tuned... YHBHS will be posting an INTERVIEW w/ Kristin Dickson this coming month...

In the meantime, check out an interview
YHBHS did with Shin Okuda of WAKA WAKA last year... Also, read about Iko Iko in the T Magazine blog here..., and read IKO IKO's card catalog entry here..




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