Jean Prouvé 1901-1984:
"Industrial Beauty"

Jean Prouvé 1901-1984: Industrial Beauty September 1, 2011, Ivorypress Art + Books presents the show Jean Prouvé 1901-1984: Industrial Beauty, dedicated to the outstanding French engineer, artisan and designer Jean Prouvé (Paris, 1901 – Nancy, 1984).

JEAN PROUVÉ 1901-1984, AV Monografías 149, 2011

This AV/Arquitectura Viva monograph accompanies the exhibition Jean Prouvé 1901-1984: ‘Industrial Beauty’, on view at Ivorypress Art + Books from 1 September to 12 November 2011. The publication opens with a summary of the content by one of the curators, Luis Fernández-Galiano, and further consists of three parts, each one containing several essays and interviews:

"The first part – Preambles – presents a full biographical account and analyzes Prouvé´s first professional years in Nancy. The second part – Processes – concentrates on the construction techniques as well as his façades and achievements in sustainable design and industrialized housing. Under the title Practices the publication deals in depth with the phase in Maxéville (known as his mature years) and the time after in which Prouvé conceived masterful buildings, components and was active as professor and as consultant. The publication includes texts by Catherine Prouvé, Peter Sulzer, Ignacio Paricio and Norman Foster among many others."

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