A conversation with Gerard O'Brien A conversation with Gerard O'Brien

...... " My timing has been good--I’ve gotten to be involved during the time when they Getty undertook the Pacific Standard Time proje...

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3:37 PM

“Here we have a married couple (Ricky Swallow and Lesley Vance), who share a studio, collaborating on an art installation where another mar...

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11:43 PM

It’s the same today as it ever was.  He who seeks beauty will find it.” - Bill Cunningham vs  "Scares me how you get older  how you for...

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8:33 AM

"It's just the darkness, don't make your feelings too complex  It's just a one man, you have the love light in you  It'...

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12:25 PM

"This music reminds us of how everything eventually falls apart and returns to dust. We're listening to music as it disappears in...

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8:14 AM

A Conversation with Richard Wright A Conversation with Richard Wright

 .... I collect a wide range of things. I don’t collect historical rarities. I collect things that interest me visually, from a Maarten Baas...

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11:03 AM

This is how we walk on the moon ,   Every step is moving me up I'm so far away, One moment there. Moving me up Every step is moving me u...

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6:29 PM

DISC Interiors on Remodelista "To realize their vision, they turned to David John and Krista Schrock of DISC Interiors ; a newish firm ...

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10:29 AM

Jason Koharik : Collected by Opening Reception Friday, Nov 9th, (more here) "New Nouveau" the new new. It is a response to this tr...

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4:42 PM