a room by Shelton, Mindel & Associates vs. Robert Ryman's paradoxically “realist” paintings " White actually means taking away,...

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5:54 PM

a conversation with LEADAPRON a conversation with LEADAPRON

I think at root they (my careers) are all attempts to express myself through a discipline and to understand something about what it means ...

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11:53 PM

Wendy White on Freunde Von Freunden Wendy White on Freunde Von Freunden

I'm thrilled to be contributing to the Berlin based magazine, Freunde von Freunden for their 100th interview, featuring NY artist, Wend...

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7:08 AM

Brett Cody Rogers' installation at ALAC "a booth which draws inspiration from the entryway to Le Corbusier’s Maison Blanche , Vill...

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10:04 AM

Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance designer + interior architect For those at MAISON + OBJET in Paris this week, Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance's design...

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2:03 PM

a conversation with Bec Brittain a conversation with Bec Brittain

... " The growth of crystals in entirely compelling to me – growth in a non-living thing is absolutely amazing! Moreover, it'...

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11:08 AM

Rose Tarlow Rose Tarlow

. “(she) balances emotion and intellect as well as any designer now living … her rooms [combine] sensual pleasures with geometric rigor , ...

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8:29 AM

A conversation with Peter Klick A conversation with Peter Klick

Since basements usually have only a few windows, if any, they are great spaces to design. As if to design in a shoe box… " - Peter Kli...

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10:37 AM

“I like the idea of a floating space , the idea that these sculptures are almost in a state of free fall, that they are in a state of wei...

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3:04 PM

a slow gentle excursion into the still waters . (sometimes I see) 1930 vs 2012 Sometimes I See : Larcier 1 . J ean Mayodon urns, pair Fra...

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9:41 AM

a conversation with Troy Seidman: Caviar 20 a conversation with Troy Seidman: Caviar 20

... "During the 70's there was a lot of design activity that clarified some of the tenets of modernism and anticipated minimalis...

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